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Our private tutors have extensive experience in helping children achieve their potential.
We cover a broad range of subjects at all levels, including Maths and Science Tuition.
Caring and approachable. We work with you to ensure the private tutor provided is best suited to you.
We have a 100% Pass Rate.

We make learning fun and interesting

Who said studying is boring?

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Personalised tutoring services

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  • 11+ exam preparation
  • English classes
  • Mathematics classes
  • Science classes
  • Weekend and evening classes
  • Free assessment and advice
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Experienced tutoring centre with classroom sessions

We’re a highly recommended tuition centre in Birmingham. Our tutors are knowledgeable and can meet your academic requirements with ease. We focus on research skills, problem-solving and encourage logical thinking. We identify individuals strengths and weaknesses and build upon these foundations.

Upon assessment, we will be able to identify where your child needs additional development and support, placing them in the appropriate classes to maximise their potential and build confidence.

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